More than 100 students in a school in India can write using both hands


More than 100 students studying in India’s Veena Vadini Public School have mastered the ability to write with both hands. The school, which is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, teaches the students to become ambidextrous and also makes them proficient in five languages – Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu, and Spanish. According to NDTV, the school was founded back in 1999 in the village of Budhela and till now, 480 students have graduated who can write easily with both hands. 

"First I used to write using my right hand, then I learnt to write using my left hand. In the third standard, I knew how to write using both hands," Pankaj Yadav, a Class 8 student of the school, told NDTV. 

The school provides special classes to the students for perfecting the art of writing with two hands and they are also taught one language every day of the week by the teachers. 

"When I was in a lower class, I used to write using my right hand. Then switched to left. We also know five languages," Adarsh Kumar, another student at the school, said according to the report. 

Virangad Sharma, the principal of the school, said that the inspiration behind this effort was former Indian President Rajendra Prasad. "Former President Rajendra Prasad was ambidextrous, and could write using both hands. We took that as an inspiration and helped our children learn the same skill," he said.