In Qatar for FIFA World Cup? Checkout what else you can do to soak in Arab world


Qatar is a small country in West Asia, with 80% of its population living in the capital city of Doha. Qatar is a perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern, it is a place where one can learn about its ancient heritage and will also admire its rapidly-developing modern society. The capital Doha is a world-class city in the making, all thanks to its breathtaking skyline, unrivalled Islamic architecture, and blossoming arts and cuisines.

What to do and see in Qatar?
Qatar is one of the fastest-growing countries in the tourism sector; with the announcement of the FIFA World Cup in the country, it then established itself on the maps of all football enthusiasts. With its new and economical metro system opening in 2019, it became, even more, easier to travel around Qatar and explore the country. Here are some fun activities one can do in Qatar before the FIFA World Cup kicks off:

Go on a museum –spree: Qatar has one of the best Islamic architectures around the world, from the fortress-styled Museum of Islamic   Art to the newly opened 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum, it has some of the finest pieces of architecture.

Visit Qatar’s only UNESCO world heritage site: Al Zubarah Fort, an ancient guarding fort used by the military in the 1930s, is the only UNESCO heritage site of Qatar. The fortress has been turned into a museum, which displays the history and heritage of Al Zubarah.

Attend the FIFA world cup music concerts and festivals: There are three music festivals and several concerts going on across Qatar during the World Cup. The concerts include artists like Fatboy Slim, Craig David, Peggy Gou, and Basement Jaxx. All these concerts are starting on Saturday, 19 November.

Where to stay in Qatar?
At the World Cup fan villages in Doha: ranging from $8 and $200 per night, depending upon the distance from the airport, one can stay at these fancy yet affordable fan villages and can catch up with football fans around the world.

Bedouin-style desert tents: people who want to experience both the world cup fever and the desert safari, can rent these rooms ranging from $84 to $ 875 per night in Doha.

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What and where to eat in Qatar?
The cuisine of Qatar is a mix of traditional and modern Arab food, but apart from its cuisine, Qatar also serves some of the best world-class dishes from a tone of countries. Here are some must-try food in Qatar:

Machboos: This is the national dish of Qatar made of rice and vegetables with either lamb or chicken. This can be found anywhere across Qatar, but some of the best Machboos can be found at Souq Waqif, Beckhams.

Seafood: This is the staple food of Qatar, whereas, fried-fish is one of the most famous dishes in Qatar. Every region of Qatar has its own style of making the fried-fish, the style may and flavor may change, but the taste remains the same. Al Nabham restaurant in Doha is the most famous for seafood in Qatar.



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