Mel Gibson will no longer testify in Harvey Weinstein's trial


Mel Gibson will not be called to stand in Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial. The actor will not be called by the prosecutors as it was previously understood. 

A particular Jane Doe from the case had confided in Mel Gibson and the actor could have been brought to stand to corroborate parts of the story. This is regarding Jane Doe 3 who was Mel’s massage therapist. She told the jury earlier that she became a close friend to Mel and told him about the alleged incident during an appointment. She said that the actor offered to help and asked if she wanted to call the police or find a lawyer.

“He was the first person that I had finally opened up to,” Jane Doe 3 said during her testimony earlier this month.

Also, a journalist and producer, Allison Weiner, who is also friends with Mel Gibson, testified to corroborate that Jane Doe 3 had opened up to the actor about Harvey Weinstein allegedly assaulting her. It was Mel who had connected her to Jane Doe 3 with an aim to help her.

During a pre-trial hearing, judge had ruled for the actor to be called to testify but Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys brought up racist and antisemitic remarks the actor had made.

As per the latest development, it’s confirmed that Mel Gibson will not be testifying but there is no clear reason for this.