CNN stops on-air drinking for staffers during New Year, can Cooper and Cohen defy holiday tradition?


In this New Year's Eve celebrations, CNN will be digressing from its antics under CEO Chris Licht as the broadcast giant has asked its employees to refrain downing alcoholic concoctions on camera. 

So no more Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen or Don Lemon getting boozed from Times Square on camera? Well one cannot rule this out however the other staffers will have to halt the tradition, reported Variety. 

During a town-hall discussion Tuesday, Licht was speaking on the broadcaster's reportage on New Year's Eve. In the meeting, Licht told CNN staffers that knocking drinks on live TV has hurt the credibility of CNN personnel and damaged the “respectability” it can otherwise enjoy. 

CNN's New Year coverage has often gained traction on social media. Channels' most talked about broadcasting festivities was one when CNN's Don Lemon celebrated 2017 New Year downing tequila shots and getting his ears pierced on live TV from The Spotted Cat club in New Orleans. 

Drunk Lemon opened up way too much on live TV where he told his viewers he was a “grown-a– man” who was “able to share my point of view on television and it freaks people out." He said, "You can kiss my behind, I do not care. I don’t care.” 

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CNN's decision to tone down on its holiday tradition and stop on-camera alcohol drinking is seen as a clean up done by Licht to ensure the viewers take the channel's journalism seriously.  



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